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Swimming Events

Swimming is a great way of keeping fit, while reducing impact on your joints. It is a form of all-round, aerobic exercise so it has plenty of health benefits. If swimming laps in the local pool is getting repetitive, then a swimming event is a great way of pushing yourself further and experiencing something different. There are over 2800 registered Swimming Clubs in the USA. Open water swimming events take you out of the pool and into the famous lakes or the open ocean for a range of wild and adventuorus experiences. Swimming is often an isolated activity, so these mass-participation races provide a new challenge. Open water swimming events are becoming more and more popular in the USA, and there are a range of distances to choose from, from short sprint races to long-distance endurance events, so anybody can get involved whatever their ability. Once you've mastered open-water swimming, you can build it into a multisport event like a swimrun or triathlon.

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