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There is no greater place to finish a race than the Sydney Opera House but before that you get an opportunity like no other, running over a traffic free Sydney Harbour Bridge. This event is perfect for all runner's abilities and with a few race's on offer there is something in it for everyone.

Review summary

2 Reviews
  • Course
  • Organisation
  • Atmosphere


Archie P
"My first marathon and I absolutely loved it - epic course - amazing atmosphere..."


Michael A
"My first marathon and generally a great event. My only critisim is the section..."
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How to enter the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival

  1. Blackmores Sydney Marathon

    Run 26.2mi
    AUD $160–AUD $195
    Event passed
  2. Blackmores Half Marathon

    Run 13.1mi
    AUD $126.50–AUD $146.50
    Event passed
  3. Blackmores Bridge Run

    Run 10km
    AUD $46.50–AUD $86.50
    Event passed
  4. Blackmores Family Run

    Run 3.5km
    AUD $36.50–AUD $66.50
    Event passed

Blackmores Sydney Running Festival routes



Run one of the world's most scenic bucket-list marathons taking in all of the Sydney iconic landmarks. Run across the Sydney Harbour Bridge traffic free and finish at the Sydney Opera House!

Half Marathon

Be part of the Blackmores Half Marathon, take on the mighty Sydney Harbour Bridge, immerse yourself in scenic harbour views and go after that ultimate Sydney Opera House finish line! This is your must do Half Marathon for 2019

Bridge Run

The Blackmores Bridge Run is a certified and accurate 10k finishing at the Sydney Opera House!

Family Fun Run

Whether you're walking or running, enjoy a fun day out with the family and friends and enjoy travelling over the main deck of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and finishing at the Conservatorium of Music, the entrance of the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney.

Electrolyte and GU gels are available at selected drink stations along the course. A designated marathon only refreshment station will be located after the finish line at the Blackmores Marathon Recovery Zone.

To assist you in achieving your personal best, Pace Setters will be provided by Sydney Striders. Each Pace Setter will be holding a coloured flag and will wear an identifiable "Sydney Striders" green and white singlet. The pace time will be marked on the flag and back of shirt.

3hrs, 3hrs 15mins, 3hrs 30mins, 3hrs 45mins, 4hrs, 4hrs 15mins, 4hrs 30mins, 4hrs 45mins, 5hrs, 5hrs 30mins & 6hrs

Half Marathon
80 mins, 85 mins, 90 mins, 100 mins, 110 mins, 120 mins and 130 mins


St John Ambulance teams will be located on all courses at various locations. If you are feeling unwell please report to the nearest official (who will have a radio) or medical personnel as soon as possible. If you see any fellow participant in distress, please report the incident to nearest official or St John Ambulance team member. If it is an emergency please dial “000” and report the exact location of the incident.


A designated marathon only refreshment station will be located after the finish line at the dedicated Blackmores Marathon Recovery Zone.

An additional drink station will be located in the Blackmores Recovery Village located in the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Event Details

What’s Included
  • Your race bib (to be worn during the event)
  • Timing chip (affixed to the back of the race bib)
  • Clothing baggage sticker.
  • Each entrant will also receive public transport to and from the event by showing their race bib.
  • Road closures
  • Policing
  • Each finisher will receive a quality commemorative medal.
  • Marathon finishers will also receive a finishers T-shirt for their efforts.
  • Prize money
Raceday Logistics

The ASICS Event Expo will be held at Lower Town Hall, George Street, Sydney from 12 - 14 September 2019. All participants are required to attend the ASICS Event Expo to collect their race bib.

Blackmores Marathon Participants baggage arrangements only

All entrants are urged to utilise the Baggage Drop at the Expo where you will be provided with a clothing bag sticker (found within the race bib) which is a replication of your race bib.

Dropping your bag at the Expo will take pressure off you at the start line, however, if you choose to use the race day baggage drop facility at the start please note that this will close 35 mins prior to race start.

At the completion of your race your bag will be available at the Marathon Recovery Zone located near to the Sydney Opera House finish line for ease of collection.


Half Marathon start time

6:00am - Half Marathon Start

6:20am - All entrants must cross the start line by this time

Cut-off time = 2hrs 45mins

Marathon start time

7:00am - Wheelchair Marathon Start

7:05am - Marathon Start

7:15am - All entrants must cross the start line by this time

Cut-off time = 6hrs

Bridge Run start time

8:00am - Bridge run start

8:35am - All entrants must cross the start line by this time

Cut-off time = 1hr 30mins

Family Fun Run

9:00am - Family Fun Run

9:25am - All entrants must cross the start line by this time

Cut-off time = 1hr:05mins



Elite/Preferred = Male Sub 2h 50m/Female Sub 3h 15m: A1 - A150

A group = Under 3hr45m: A200 - A1599

B group = Between 3h 45m to 4h 30m: B2000 - B4999

C Group = Over 4h 30m: C6000 - C6999

For slower runners, joggers or walkers it is important to be in the correct starting group. There are three groups in each race all seeded according to expected finish time. Your time will not be affected in any way as the timing chip will only record your time from when you cross the start mats to the finish line mats. This will allow you to enjoy the event at your own pace and provide you with the best possible end result.

No prams, scooters, or wheelchairs (except racing chairs in the Marathon) are to be taken on to the Marathon course.

Half Marathon

Elite/Preferred = Male Sub 75m/Female Sub 85m: A10000 - A10099

A group = Under 1hr 55m: A11000 - A14499

B group = Between 1h 55m to 2h 15m: B16000 - B19999

C Group = Over 2h 15m: C22000 - C23999

No prams and wheelchairs are to be taken on to the Half Marathon course.

Bridge Run

Elite/Preferred = Male Sub 35m/Female Sub 40m: A30000 - A30099

A group = Under 50m: A31000 - A36499

B group = Between 50m to 60m: B38000 - B43999

C Group = Over 60m: C46000 - C49999

All prams and wheelchairs must only be in the final start group of the Blackmores Bridge Run (C Group).

Family Fun Run

A group = Under 25m: A55000 - A55999

B group = Between 25m to 40m: B57000 - B59999

C Group = Over 40m: C62000 - C64999

All prams and wheelchairs must be in the final start group of the Blackmores Family Fun Run (C Group).

Kit List

Please attach your race bib clearly on the front of your shirt, your timing chip is attached on the back of the race bib.


Enjoy the views from the Sydney Opera House as you wait for your runners to come back to the finish line!

As a Blackmores Volunteer you will be working with event staff, charities, community and sporting groups, students and other individual volunteers. There are numerous locations around the 42km course for you to volunteer; along with a wide range of roles available on event day (Sunday 15 September) and at the ASICS Event Expo from Thursday 12 September to Saturday 14 September.
Please see the event website to sign up!

What do you bring for race bib collection?

To pick up your race bib you must bring a copy of your confirmation email sent to your nominated email address shortly after registering. Alternatively, you will also receive a SMS reminder during Event week if you had nominated a mobile number on your online registration form. If you haven't received your confirmation email or you do not receive a SMS reminder, please email.

Race bibs are organised via bib number, therefore volunteers will need this to locate your race bib instead of your full name.

Is there an alternative collection of race bib?

If you are unable to pick up your race bib during the Event Registration week you can nominate someone to collect it on your behalf. The nominated person will need to bring a copy of the confirmation email or SMS.

NO race bibs will be mailed out. For those who are unable to collect from the ASICS Event Expo, race day collection will be available from 5:00am from Bradfield Park. Please be aware that there may be lengthy queues so allow at least an hour and half prior to your race in order to collect your bib before your race start time.

Can you change your event during event registration week?

To change your event after Friday 7 September 2018, please download and complete a change request form and bring it with you to the ASICS Event Expo. All changes will be processed from the Information Desk. Please note that all changes during this week must be done in person at the Expo. No forms will be accepted by the office after 5pm Friday 6 September. You will need to collect your race bib before going to the Information Desk.

Is there baggage drop?

There will be limited baggage transport at the Race Start. If you choose to drop you bag on race morning please note that this will not be available for collection until 12pm.

In order to collect your bag immediately after the conclusion of your race and not have to wait until 12pm please utilise the baggage facility provided at the ASICS Event Expo to drop off in advance, any race day bags that you will require post- race.

This early drop off facility will enable us to have your bags ready and waiting for you in the baggage area as soon as you have finished your race.

Please do not place in your bag valuables such as wallets, keys, phones etc. Belongings must be collected before 2:30pm on Sunday race day or they will be treated as lost property. The organisers take no responsibility for the contents of any bag, for theft or loss of property.

Where is the start and finish areas?
The start area is located at Bradfield Park, Milsons Point - under the northern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and adjacent to Milsons Point train station. The finish area for the Marathon and Half Marathon and Bridge Run will be at the Sydney Opera House and the Family Fun Run will finish at the Royal Botanic Gardens (next to the Conservatorium of Music). The Recovery Village will be in the Royal Botanic Gardens, located in Tarpiean Way off Macquarie Street, approximately 300m from the Opera House.

What time should I arrive to Bradfield Park?
It is strongly recommended that you be at the Start Area (Bradfield Park, Milsons Point) at least one (1) hour before the start of your race. This way you have time to use the facilities and become familiar with the start area. Please familiarise yourself with the Start Zones (A, B, C indicated on your Chest Bib) shown in the start map of the Event Guide (available early September online). Start times are below:

6.00am – Blackmores Half Marathon
7.00am – Blackmores Sydney Marathon wheelchairs
7.05am – Blackmores Sydney Marathon
8.00am – Blackmores Bridge Run
9.00am – Blackmores Family Fun Run

How do I get to the start venue - Bradfield Park?
It is advised that all participants take public transport to the event, to avoid the large number of road closures that will be in place throughout event day, including the Sydney Harbour Bridge closing from 4am-11am. Please visit the traffic and transport page for more information.

Is there any scheduled track work for event day?
Please visit the traffic and transport page for more information about public transport and road closurers on event day.

What can I expect to find at the start?
You will find toilets, meeting points, coffee, water, Help Desks and sponsor activities.

Can I run with an Ipod or other Music Device?
While the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival discourages the use of iPods or other personal music devices, though we do not impose a ban on wearing headphones on course. The use of headphones can impede an individual’s ability to hear marshals or other course officials. Participants who choose to wear headphones on course do so at their own risk and must pay attention to officials and other participants throughout their event.

What are the age limits for this event?

Marathon - Entrants must be a minimum of 18 years of age

Half Marathon - Entrants must be a minimum of 15 years of age on event day

Bridge Run - There are no age restrictions for the 10km Bridge Run.

How much is the prize money?

Half Marathon - Male & female prize money 1st - $1,000, 2nd - $750, 3rd - $500

Bridge Run - Male & female prize money 1st - $1,000

Does the Blackmores Sydney running festival event app have Live Tracking?

Yes, the event app has two types of tracking. Live Tracking, and GPS tracking. The Blackmores Sydney Marathon uses the Live Tracking technology, and updates based on a particular runners location as they pass various split points across the course. The Blackmores Half Marathon, Blackmores 10k Bridge Run, and the Blackmores 3.5k Family Fun Run do not use the same method as the Blackmores Sydney Marathon. For the latter three events, you will need to enable GPS tracking, visit here for more info about how to enable GPS tracking on your device. The event app will be available to download closer to event week.

Blackmores Sydney Running Festival weather forecast

Partly cloudy throughout the day.

Predicted highs
Predicted lows
IconLight breeze possible, up to 8mph

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Blackmores Sydney Running Festival reviews (2)

4.9 out of 5 stars

  • Course
  • Organisation
  • Atmosphere
  • Did the Blackmores Sydney Marathon in 2018

    My first marathon and generally a great event. My only critisim is the section of the run in Pyrmont. It was in the later stage of the race and was just rubbish: no atmosphere, not a comfortable or pretty location and dragged on. Was really hard during this area to have any motivation to keep going. Otherwise well organised in frequency in drink stations and volunteers. Hopefully in future years the organisers improve on the wastage of single use plastic - that was very poor.
  • Did the Blackmores Sydney Marathon in 2018

    My first marathon and I absolutely loved it - epic course - amazing atmosphere and really well put together event. The course is pretty hilly at the end which is pretty brutal on the knees so hold some back for the end (I went out way too hot). Great to finish at the Opera House also / Opera bar for a few 9am wines. Will definitely do it again.
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