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10k Runs in London

10k (or 6.2 miles) is a hugely popular running distance in the UK, and especially in London where there a variety of race options available. The 10k distance is a good step up from the 5k distance: it keeps the same friendly atmosphere but there's an added edge of competitive spirit, as runners push themselves to hit a new PB. For beginners, any time under an hour is a good start, whilst seasoned speedsters might be aiming for under 40 minutes. Some of London's most popular 10k races allow runners to take in the capital's famous and historic landmarks. There are grandstand events, with brands such as Adidas, Asics, and Vitality organising popular 10k events, or there can be 10k races as part of a larger running festival. Every event will have its own character, whether it is making the most of London's parks and rivers or the vibrant cultures and music.

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About 10k events in London

10k races are hugely popular on the London running scene. They are hugely popular with runners of all levels, either as a challenging event for beginners or as good practice for longer distances. There are 10k events organised across the city throughout the year, so there's no excuse not to try one out.

What are the best 10k events?

If you want to run in one of the big grandstand events past the coolest landmarks the city has to offer, then you'll be spoiled for choice. The Adidas City Run (Fulham) is a well reviewed example and also London's flattest 10k, the perfect event to chase your PB time. If you'd prefer a run with a theme, try the London Easter 10k where you'll be greeted at the finish line with chocolate eggs and celebrating spectators.

How long will it take to run 10k?

If you're a running regular then you might expect to finish a 10k somewhere around the hour mark. However, beginners may want to stretch that out a little. Walking is also fine at most events, however it's worth noting that some 10k events have a cut off time of around the 3 hour mark, the Cancer Research Winter Run is a good example (that's a long time to be out in the cold).

Interested in seeing how fast you can really go? The world records for 10k road racing stand at 29m43s for women and 26m44s for men, held by Joyciline Jepkosgei (who also holds the record for the women's half marathon)and Leonard Patrick Komon.

How do you train for a 10k race?

Training is important for a 10k, even if you're already in good race shape. Building up to the event with a training plan will help you to minimise the risk of injury and also has the benefit of helping you to run faster. Have a look at our 6 weeks to 10k training plan to get you started. If you're taking the 10k in your stride then perhaps you'll want to check out our half marathon and marathon event calendars to find a longer challenge near you.