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Running Events in Bournemouth

Bournemouth hosts events for runners of all abilities and experience levels. Shorter distances, such as 5k or 10k races, often have a fun, friendly, and family-focused atmosphere and are great for getting involved with the local community. An exciting option is the Supernova 5k which takes place at night from Bournemouth Pier along Bournemouth Promenade. There is a Supersonic 10k earlier in the day for those wanting a longer challenge - this is an almost completely flat course, so is a great opportunity to set a new PB while being surrounded by great views. Longer distances, particularly half-marathons and marathons, often take place on city streets, while other options delve into the local scenery. The half-marathon and marathon options at the Bournemouth Marathon Festival attract 6,000 participants, and take runners along Bournemouth and Bosworth Piers. If you are wanting an off-road challenge, there are plenty of trail running options along the epic Jurassic Coast.

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  • 24APR2021

    ABP Southampton Marathon, Half, 10k & Mile

    26.2 mi • 13.0 mi • 6.2 mi • 1.0 mi
    £7 – £44.99
  • 4JUN2021

    Rocket Race Orbiter

    RunningTollard Royal
    26.2 mi • 13.1 mi • 6.2 mi
    £20 – £32C-19 Plan
  • 6DEC

    Southampton Common 10k

    6.2 mi
  • 7MAR2021

    Weymouth Bay 10K

    6.2 mi
    £15C-19 Plan
  • 30OCT2021

    Beyond New Forest Trail

    13.1 mi • 9.9 mi • 6.2 mi
    £17.50 – £22.50C-19 Plan
  • 7NOV2021

    Beyond Dorchester 5km & 10km

    6.2 mi • 3.1 mi
    £10 – £15
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