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About 10k events in California

Very much like in 5k events, the large running festivals often have their own 10k event to participate in. This creates a great opportunity for friends and family of different running abilities to take part in the same race weekend and compare their swag and medals at the finish.

What are the best 10k events?

Though technically not a 10k, the Bay to Breakers, at 12k, is one of the biggest running events of the year in Cali. With 50,000 costumed competitors cruising through central San Francisco it's definitely a memorable race. It's also one of the oldest races, as it's been going for over 100 years. Watch out for the infamous Hayes Hill on mile 2; this isn't the easiest run we've come across. If fun and fancy dress sounds like your thing, but you'd prefer a less challenging course, the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot might be worth a pluck.

How long will it take to run 10k?

Regular competitors at these events might expect to finish in around an hour (or better). However, if it's your first time, you might want to take a little longer, but be aware that some events have a cut off time - usually around 3 hours.

If you're into your trivia, or fancy yourself as the next winner of the Cali Beach Blast, then perhaps you'll be interested in the road racing world records. These stand at 26:44 and 29:43 minutes for men and women respectively, held by Leonard Patrick Komon and Joyciline Jepkosgei (who also holds the record for the women's half marathon).

How do you train for a 10k race?

Training for a 10k involves starting small and building up, regardless of your fitness level. Check out our 6 weeks to 10k training plan which will help you choose your starting point depending on your base fitness and goals. Following a plan helps to minimise the risk of injury, and you give the best start on race day. Check out our half marathon and marathon event calendars if you're feeling ready to expand your running horizons.