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Wild Dart Swim & Aquathlon

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The fourth Wild Dart Swim is moving to September. As with previous years, you can enter the 2.5k or 5k swim, as well as a 7k aquathlon. New this year is a and 15k and 1.5 mile sprint aquathlon, so something to keep swimmers, runners and triathletes happy.

The 5k swim covers an out and back route, starting and finishing at the Dart-Totnes Rowing Club on Steamer Quay. The 2.5k swimmers start at the same place in separate waves (according to your predicted finishing time) but exit as Sharpham. Aquathoners will also exit at Sharpham, then move to a nearby transition area, before running the three miles back to the rowing club, following the cycle path above the Dart.

Swimming alongside the tow path and the reed beds, which line the Sharpham side of the river and the rolling hills on the left, which wind along towards Stoke Gabriel. You will take your first snake bend here, as the river takes a turn towards Sharpham.

You will know youre approaching the half way buoy when you can catch sight of a small pontoon on your right, which is Sharphams North Quay.

The 7k aquathlon includes the 2.5k swim and a hilly 4.5k run along the cycle track from Sharpham House to Moat Hill, turning left at The Steam Packet before crossing the bridge to Bridgetown and turning right in to Steam Quay and the rowing club. The course suits road shoes.

The 15k aquathlon takes runners up the hill from Sharpham Houe and down the road through Ashprington towards Bow Bridge before runners follow the Harbourne River to Beanleigh cross and back to Sharpham and then Totnes via the bicycle tracks.

The sprint aquathlon will precede all the other events and includes an 800 n swim along the River Dart parallel to the walkway,until it reaches its end and the swimmers get out and transition before running a short 1 mile loop around Steamer Quay.

How to enter the Wild Dart Swim & Aquathlon

  1. Swim - 5k

    Swim 5km
    Event passed
  2. Swim - 2.5K

    Swim 2.5km
    Event passed
  3. Aquathlon - 7K

    Other: Swim 2.5km, Run 4.82km
    Event passed
  4. Aquathlon - 15k

    Other: Swim 5km, Run 10km
    Event passed
  5. Aquathlon - 1.5k

    Other: Swim 0.8km, Run 1.6km
    Event passed

Event Details


Two years ago we doubled the length of the swim, giving you the option of an out and back to Sharpham’s North Quay, from the Dart-Totnes Rowing Club and also included a 7km aquathon. This year due to popular request, mainly from triathletes and runners, we have added a longer 8.5m run making the longer aquathlon distance 15k. We have also added a shorter 1.5k aquathlon sprint.

We hope you agree that this is more than just a nursery swim for longer events, but a challenging and rewarding swim in its own right. Although all swimmers will be timed, the onus is on having some fun. The swim wave times are really designed to help us from an organisational perspective and to help the safety team which will be Teignmouth Beach Surf Lifesaving Club.

The Wild Running team will be on hand to give you a safety briefing on the day.

What’s Included


We will be opening registration at 6.30am at the Riverside cafe in Steamer Quay for all swimmers, whether you are in wave one or two. You will know who you are because we will be posting the wave times and names to you this week, as well as on our website. As a rough rule, all of the swimmers in wave one will be 2.5k and aquathon swimmers and the slightly slower 5k swimmers. 5k swimmers will be in wave Two. We are expecting approximately 60 swimmers in wave One and a similar number in wave Two. You can collect your colour coded wrist band, bin bags, swim cap and NFC chip at registration.

Raceday Logistics


All swimmers will be asked to mark their number in permanent marker pen on their thigh and arm. You will find out your number at registration. Swimmers in Wave One should register at the rowing club from 6.30am to 9.00am. Wave Two swimmers should register between 6.30am and 9.15am.

The swims will start from the steps next to the rowing club. Race briefings will be five to ten minutes before the start of each wave. Swimmers will be given at least two minutes to acclimatise to the water before they start.

5k swimmers (Will all be in Wave Two TBC)

Your swim caps and wrist bands will be red.

2.5k Swimmers (Will be in Wave One TBC)

You will be transported back from Sharpham by mini bus.

Aquathoners (will all be in Wave One)

You can drop your gear in numbered colour coded bin bags (green), which will be taken to the transition area. This will be marked and signed, to a grassy paddock about 100metres up the grassy lane, leading from the quay exit, on the right. Your gear will be waiting with an attendant. All bags will correlate to the participant’s number and be green.


General Timetable

6.30am: Registration opens at the Riverside Cafe

7.30am: Registration closes for sprint aquathlon.

The bus departs the rowing club for Sharpham with the 2.5k swimmer’s clothes in a colour coded bin bag. The bus will be doing a shuttle run service between Sharpham and the rowing club for all 2.5k and relay swimmers who need it.

7.40am: Race briefing for Sprint Aquathlon.

8am Sprint Aquathlon starts.

8.45 to 9am: Last of sprint aquathlon participants expected back.

9.00am: Registration closes for One Swimmers (2.5k and aquathon swimmers)

9.15am: Registration closes for Wave Two swimmers.

Race briefing for wave One Swimmers (5k)

9.20am: Start for wave One Swimmers (2.5k)

9.35am: Start for wave Two swimmers (5k)

10.00am: First 2.5k/aquathon swimmers expected to arrive at Sharpham.

10.20am: First swim-runners expected to return to rowing club.

11.45am: Last of 2.5k swimmers expected at Sharpham (v. approximate)

10.50am: First 5k swimmers expected at rowing club.

11.45am: Last of 5k swimmers expected to arrive.

12..30am: Prize Presentation at  Riverside Cafe plus branded swim caps for all participants.

Kit List

What to wear

Unless you have told us otherwise, please make sure that you are wearing some kind of wetsuit. Swim socks, gloves or head cover are not needed. If you have already told us you want to swim ‘skinny’ please remind us who you are and we will pass this information onto our water safety team. Just email us at [email protected]

All participants will be able to leave their kit at the start in an attended area at the rowing club. This year we will also encourage supporters to be on standby ready with warm garments.


If the water temperature is above 22 degrees Celsius wetsuits will be banned. In such circumstances the organisers may permit competitors to opt to still wear a wetsuit. Competitors will be notified of this at registration and in advance of the event where possible.




There is parking available at three locations on Steamer Quay Road: beside the Riverside Cafe rowing club on the Longmarsh extension (100 places), immediately before the rowing club (29 places) and the main car park, where the coaches park (62 places). It does cost around £3 for four hours or £6 all day.

There are limited parking spaces at Sharpham (beside the cafe) as it’s a small site, so please only arrange to be picked up, if absolutely necessary.

A mini bus will be taking relay swimmers and some spectators to the finish/changeover point for the 2.5k swim at Sharpham immediately after registration closes.


You will be handed a numbered bin bag to place your belongings in and collect when you register, as well as your swim cap, which will be coloured according to your wave number. We will be dropping all bags off at Sharpham, so you can collect them once you have completed your swim. Swim-runners can leave their gear at the transition area, which will be signposted, in a field on the right, about 100 yards up the grassy ramp, after exiting the swim.

Please tie the bin bag securely afterwards. We will make sure someone is responsible for distributing the bags at the end. Please make sure you leave your swim gear in the correct bin bag provided. We will then transport this back to the rowing club afterwards. Failure to leave this in the correct numbered bin bag means we cannot take responsibility for its safe return.


Food and hot drinks will be available at the end of your swim (vegetarian or meat) at the cafe. For spectators 2.5k and relay swimmers the cafe in Sharpham will be open to you, so you can have breakfast/lunch or a coffee there.

Coffees, teas and food will be available at the rowing club afterwards. There will be someone there to greet you back and it won’t just be our first aid team!


Free transport will be provided back to the rowing club after your swim. Bob the bus which is an unmissable yellow will be parked behind the café, the same place as last year. The journey takes around 15 to 20 minutes.


Tshirts will be on sale in the clubhouse for £12 each.


All swimmers will receive one of our branded Wild Dart Swim caps in your race pack. There will also be a prize presentation for category winners and wave winners Prizes have kindly been donated by Vivo Barefeoot Shoes. Categories include overall men and women, veteran swimmers, a team prize and a spot prize.

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