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Tour of Cambridgeshire Cycling Festival

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The Tour of Cambridgeshire returns with more events, more riders, and more fun as riders take to the roads in a variety of races over 2 days. Whether it's your first cycling event, or you're gunning for a spot in the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships, you won't want to miss this epic event.
C-19 Plan
Golazo Cycling has confirmed that this event will be going ahead as planned on Friday 4th Jun 2021 in accordance with the COVID-19 safety measures. Learn more

Review summary

9 Reviews
  • Course
  • Organisation
  • Atmosphere


Geraldine B
"This race should start at 10am.Today the 16 to w0 miles per hour team sat in a..."


Sandy R
"Very well organised, closed road gran fondo with a real race feel (in the race..."


Steph E
"I absolutely loved this race, it was a super flat, fast course with closed..."
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How to enter the Tour of Cambridgeshire Cycling Festival

  1. Men's Road Race

    Bike 100mi
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  2. Gran Fondo

    Bike 100mi
    Book Now
  3. 100 Sportive

    Bike 100mi
    Book Now
  4. 70 Sportive

    Bike 70mi
    Book Now
  5. 50 Sportive

    Bike 50mi
    Book Now
  6. Time Trial

    Bike 16.4mi
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  7. Women's Road Race

    Bike 70mi
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  8. Luna Ride

    Bike 50km
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  9. Rainbow Ride

    Bike 70mi
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  10. E-Sportive

    Bike 50mi
    Book Now
  11. Team Time Trial

    Bike 16.4mi

Tour of Cambridgeshire Cycling Festival routes

The annual Tour of Cambridgeshire sees over 12,000 riders of all abilities descend upon the roads of one of the UK's flattest counties for an epic weekend of cycling spanning several cycling disciplines.

Sportive Events:

Participants have the option of participating in any of the 50, 70 or 100 mile Sportive events on the Sunday, which are perfect for cyclists of all abilities whether it's your first time on the roads or your five-hundredth. The 50 mile route will see about 1500ft of elevation throughout the course, while the 70 & 100 mile routes tackle about 3000ft throughout. There will be up to 4 pitstops along the course to keep your energy levels and spirits high, and the energy of the event is sure to make your wheels and your head spin.

Gran Fondo:

For those looking for something a little more competitive, the Road Race and Gran Fondo events provide an opportunity for riders to push their pedals to the limits and qualify for the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships.

The Gran Fondo is a mass participation event with a mass start, and gives all riders, regardless of race experience, a chance to compete against others in their age group for a chance to ride for your nation at the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships.

Qualification Distances:

Women & 60+ Men: 70 miles

19-59 Men: 100 miles

A race license is not required for the Gran Fondo, but participants must be at least 19 years of age. However if you qualify for the Gran Fondo World Championships, you will require a race licence to compete.

Road Race:

This road race is unlike any other in the UK, with fully closed roads, 150 participants per age group, individual start gates and times, and UCI Gran Fondo World Championships invitations up for grabs.

Qualification Distances:

Women & 60+ Men: 70 miles

19-59 Men: 100 miles

Unlike the Gran Fondo, a race license is required to participate in the Road Race.

The fastest 20% of riders in each age group from both the Road Race and the Gran Fondo combined will be invited to represent their nation at the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships.

Time Trial:

This event is the UK's only qualifying event for the world renowned UCI Gran Fondo World Championships Time Trial, and the biggest time trial event held in the world with 100 participants per age group classification.

The course covers approximately 16 miles, and climbs about 500ft of elevation on closed, smooth tarmac. Riders will be treated at the start to a fully produced start area fitted with a start ramp, sound and lighting, professional commentary, and a countdown clock. Riders will be set out every 20 seconds, and the 3 fastest riders in each Age/Gender classification will be invited to step onto the spectacular podium to claim their Winners Jersey, Medal, and prizes.

The fastest 25% of riders in each age group will be invited to ride for their nation at the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships.

The Team Time Trial will see teams of 4 racing around the time trial circuit as fast as possible. Riders will be treated to a warm up on the turbos inside the huge indoor warm-up area before heading to the superb indoor start ramp.

Luna Ride:

The Luna Ride has been created with the goal of creating a friendly and scenic race for women to feel safe as they ride. With a distance of 50km this route is perfect for anyone new to cycling, or for those looking to get back into the saddle.

Other halves, family, and friends are more than welcome to join in this summer's evening ride with great company and stunning views.

Rainbow Ride:

As the name suggests, this race is designed to reflect support for diversity and inclusivity. With three race distances to choose from, 50 miles, 70 miles, and 100 miles, and up to 4 pit stops, this event is set to impress. Ride along with thousands cheering their support along the way.

Age Group Classifications:

The competition at the World Championships is based upon the UCI Masters age / gender classifications (determined by age as of 31st December the year of the event), which are:

  • 19-34yrs
  • 35-39yrs
  • 40-44yrs
  • 45-49yrs
  • 50-54yrs
  • 55-59yrs
  • 60-64yrs
  • 65-69yrs
  • 70+yrs

Event Details

    • Fully marked and traffic-free route
    • Pit stops with sweet and savoury goodies, HIGH5 energy products and water
    • Tour of Cambridgeshire Finisher's Medal
    • Electronic chip timing
    • Number board/sticker
    • Event programme
    • Route map
    • Mechanical support
    • Event photography (provided by Sportograf)
    • Emergency support
    • Safety marshals
    • Officiating team
    • On-site catering and bar
    • Results service
    • Entertainment
    • Parking
    • Podium presentations (for category winners)
    • Professional commentary
    • EXPO



10:00 Time Trial start

15:30 Team Time Trial start

17:00 Luna Ride start


09:00 Men's and Women's Road Races start

10:00 Gran Fondo start

10:15 100 Sportive and Rainbow Ride start

10:45 70 Sportive and E-Sportive start

10:50 50 Sportive start


Bike Regulations


Tandems, hand-cycles and recumbents are all allowed within the ToC Sportives, whether it be ToC100, ToC70 or ToC50.


Tri-bars are completely prohibited within the Road Race and Gran Fondo but can be used within the Time Trial.

Disc Brakes:

Disc brakes are also allowed in the UCI Gran Fondo World Series qualifiers and in the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships.

Spectators are welcome at any point along the course, or at Event HQ where they can cheer riders across the finish line.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the age cut-offs for the Tour of Cambridgeshire events?
For the time trial, and any of the Sportive events, the minimum age is 16 years. For the Gran Fondo and the Road Race, the minimum age is 19.
Will there be parking at the Tour of Cambridgeshire?
Yes, parking will be free on Saturday and Sunday morning from 06:00-07:00. After that, parking will cost £10 from 07:00-08:00 and £20 from 08:00-11:00. Parking will be at the East of England Showground and will be well-signposted.
Will there be showers and changing facilities at the Tour of Cambridgeshire?
Yes, there will be plenty to showers, toilets, and changing facilities at Event HQ.

Meet the organiser

Golazo Cycling Limited is focussed on the UK market for development, marketing and delivery of existing and new sporting events; it is also the channel into the UK cycling market for the wider Golazo sports portfolio of events such as but not limited to Paris Roubaix, Tour of Flanders, Liege Bastogne Liege and Strade Bianchi sportive events. Golazo Cycling Limited was formed in April 2016 by combining Vericool Events Limited, a proven cycling events development and delivery operation and Golazo Sports, a Belgian sports marketing company. Golazo Cycling also has a number of sports consultancy offerings associated with Brand Alignment, Event Development and Athlete Agency.


Tour of Cambridgeshire Cycling Festival reviews (9)

3.7 out of 5 stars

  • Course
  • Organisation
  • Atmosphere
  • Did the event in 2019

    The event itself was quite well organised and the route was good except that the last 20 miles became a slog in the wind. However, the feed stations were a joke. The first one at 43 miles was out of food and water, the second one only had a banana plus water. The third feed station had food - but a sausage roll? Seriously! Dreadful catering, can't see myself entering again
  • Did the event in 2019

    Theres no escaping the fact that theres nowhere to hide from a head wind out on the Fens - that said the course was OK apart from some patches of very dodgy tarmac.
    Organisation was pretty diabolical though: the start was fine and well organised but water was a major issue, particularly on a windy 25C day - no water at all left at the first 45 mile stop (which IMHO is a bit late in the race for a first stop anyway), really slow at the second 65 mile stop and I didn't bother stopping at the last stop. Lack of food at all the stops wasn't a total surprise and more forgivable but disappointing. The lack of water was helped by the additional lorry water stops but these weren't advertised until you reached them and I'm aware of a number of riders that had to rely on ambulance staff to supply water so that they could continue the ride. That really doesn't meet the minimum standard of care and organisation for a decent sized ride.
  • Did the event in 2019

    There were complaints about running out of food however I went prepared with my own so didn’t have a problem. Riding on closed and well marshalled roads was a bonus. I would say that the route was a great first 100 ride and was sufficiently challenging without demoralising the participants.
  • Did the event in 2018

    I absolutely loved this race, it was a super flat, fast course with closed roads. I got a PB for the distance and qualified for the World Champs!
  • Did the event in 2018

    Great day, great atmosphere, really enjoyed it
  • Did the event in 2018

    Very well organised, closed road gran fondo with a real race feel (in the race as opposed to sportive). Top class standard of riders in the race waves (>40km/h ) Could do with better water distribution for the riders who don't stop at the stations.
  • Did the event in 2018

    It was a great day had by all did'nt think I could ride 80 miles at 19 mph avrage good to be able to ride with club Ride's aswell great day.
  • Did the event in 2018

    This race should start at 10am.Today the 16 to w0 miles per hour team sat in a baking hot sun of over 39 degrees and st off at 1pm.Totally Mad.There was insuffient water and the isonatonic mix was wrong with not enough water address.Should be 3 parts water one part isonitonic.This was not the case and crippled lots with stomach cramp including myself.These issues need review
  • Did the event in 2016

    The dullest course ever imaginable.Never ever again, I would rather sort my sock draw out.The fens, flat, dull and endless at a part of a sportive that you need it to light up,if your looking for a great ride Tour of Essex,, by Action Medical.
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