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Tackle your next adventure with some of the toughest trails in the South West in this grueling but rewarding trail series. A perfect challenge for trail running fanatics, choose from a selection of challenges to push yourself to your limits, and have your breath taken away by the Cornish coastline.

Review summary

19 Reviews
  • Course
  • Organisation
  • Atmosphere


Robert R
"The organisation was awesome and the event staff brilliant. Very tough course..."


Jon H
"I’m training for UTMB CCC and this was an excellent event with plenty of vert...."


Tim T
"The first year of the Tsunami 24 and i think it was a great success!<br />This..."
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How to enter the Tsunami Ocean Trails

  1. Ultra Marathon

    Run 37mi
    Event passed
  2. Marathon

    Run 26.2mi
    Event passed
  3. 16 Mile

    Run 16mi
    Event passed
  4. TSUNAMI 24

    Run 75mi
    Event passed
  5. 7.5 Mile

    Run 7.5mi
    Event passed

Tsunami Ocean Trails routes


Westward Ho! to Bude (Ultra Marathon)
Clovelly to Bude (Marathon)
Hartland Quay to Bude (16 Mile)
Morwenstow to Bude (7.5 Mile)

The longest day will be the start of the TSUNAMI 24, our longest and toughest race to date with 75 miles, 5,270m of ascent and 24 hours max. TSUNAMI 24 starts on Friday night, the longest day of the year, and finishes at Castle Bude on Saturday.

On Saturday, we’ve procured the iconic Clovelly Harbour for the start of the marathon – uphill on the cobblestones through the village to reach the Coast Path, to finish on the lawns of Castle Bude, taking in almost 2,000m of ascent along the route.

The ultra adds another 10 miles of serious fun, the 16 miler includes the toughest, most vertiginous section from Hartland Quay onwards, with the 7.5 mile race giving a short sharp introduction to the coastal hills, starting from the village of Morwenstow.

These races are undoubtedly some of the toughest trail running challenges in the South West. Due to the nature of the terrain, wild and isolated (no towns or villages along the route), they will also prove to be the most rewarding.

The routes are all fully marked using yellow, pink or orange flags, red and white/yellow tape and yellow/white directional signs. After all intersections/junctions, the route will be confirmed so look for tape and/or directional arrows. South West Coast Path acorn symbols will also be your guide through your race. You should not have to look too far ahead to see the marked route.

The full route will be checked a few hours before the start of the races and route maps are online at:

Event Details

What’s Included

Bespoke medal to all finishers of all races (TSUNAMI 24 finishers will receive separate bespoke medal)

Fully marked and marshalled course

Well-stocked checkpoints

First aid on course and at HQ


TSUNAMI 24 and Ultra finishers receive 5 and 3 ITRA points respectively. Marathon expects to receive 2 ITRA points.

Raceday Logistics

Registration is at Castle Bude, where you collect your race number, safety pins etc. Bus transport leaves to the start locations at the times below.

Kit checks of the compulsory kit list will be performed at registration, prior to collection of your race number. We have had requests for race numbers to be available at the start location. Because our chip timing system has changed from last year, we will deliver unclaimed race numbers and take them to the start for collection. However, should you fail a kit check at the start location, you will not be allowed to race.

Since the summer of 2018, we no longer provide plastic cups at our aid stations. Please note a bottle or collapsable cup is required to receive water, squash, coke, etc. If you have electrolyte solution in one bottle, or have a bladder in your backpack, and you require a different drink bring a separate cup or bottle. No cup, no drink (your cupped hands do not count as a cup). Abuse to our Crewing Staff will not be tolerated and will result in an instant disqualification.

Race numbers are to be worn on your front to make it possible to accurately record the results and a video will be recording finishers in case of any discrepancy. If you are wearing a jacket which obscures your number, then please make sure it is visible before arrival at the finish line.

No dogs are allowed to run with entrants due to UK Athletics Rules and Liability, which differs from Parkrun.

Paramedics are covering the route at various aid stations. There will also be paramedics at the finish.

All aid stations will be well stocked with some locations having a larger selection depending on the race and the need of the runner at the distance in the race. Foods include biscuits, jellied sweets, crisps, peanuts, fruit, water and coke.

Should anyone withdraw from the race, you MUST report to a marshal who will assist you and remove you race number. We need to tally all finishers and those that do not finish.


We hope that it will be dry, sunny/cloudy as it has been in the past. Temperatures likely to be between 19-21 degrees centigrade but be prepared for all weathers.



17:30-18:30 – registration at Castle Bude
19:00 – start from Castle Bude

GPS trackers will be provided at registration and will be attached to your backpack.

Aid Stations/Cutoffs:

7 – Morwenstow
12 – Welcombe Mouth; CREW ACCESS ONLY (beware the unkept road)
19 – Hartland Point
26.5 – Clovelly
32.5 – Peppercombe (BAG DROP but NO crew access)
37.5 – Westward Ho! CUTOFF (liquid only and halfway turn around); must leave aid station by 06:00 Saturday
42.5 – Peppercombe (BAG DROP but NO crew access)
48.5 – Clovelly CUTOFF must leave aid station by 10:00 Saturday
56 – Hartland Point (closes 10:00 Saturday)
58.5 – Hartland Quay (opens 10:00 Saturday)
62.5 – Welcombe Mouth (liquid only) – beware of the unkept road
68 – Morwenstow CUTOFF, must leave by 16:30 Saturday
71.5 – Sandymouth
75 – Bude FINISH; CUTOFF 19:00 Saturday

Each Tsunami 24 runner may have a ‘CREW’ assisting along the route but pacers/running with an entrant is not allowed and the entrant will be disqualified.

Crew can access all locations above except Peppercombe. Please note that Hartland Point, Hartland Quay and Sandymouth are privately-owned land and a charge is payable for access.


Westward Ho! (Seafield Carpark, Merley Road – EX39 1JU)

05:00 – registration
05:45 – bus transport leaves
07:00 – start

If you take a bag on the bus transfer and wish for it to be taken back to the start/finish, we can arrange this. All bags left at owner's risk.

Aid Stations/Cutoffs:

5 – Peppercombe (liquid only)
11 – Clovelly CUTOFF, must leave aid station by 10:00
21 – Hartland Quay CUTOFF, must leave aid station by 13:30
25 – Welcombe Mouth
30.5 – Morwenstow CUTOFF, must leave aid station by 16:30
34 – Sandymouth
37.5 – Finish; CUTOFF 19:00 at Castle Bude


07:00 – registration
07:45 – bus transport leaves
09:00 – start from Clovelly Harbour (EX39 5TF)

The bus will drop you off at the car park at the top of the hill, near the Visitor Centre (EX39 5TL) at approximately 08:20 for you to walk down to the harbour. A metal-barred door to the right hand side of the visitor centre will be open for runners to go through, down to the private village of Clovelly. (Visitor centre will not be open.)

If you take a bag on the bus transfer and wish for it to be taken back to the start/finish, this can be arranged. All bags left at owner's risk.

Aid Stations/Cutoffs:

10 – Hartland Quay
14 – Welcombe Mouth
19.5 – Morwenstow CUTOFF, must leave aid station by 16:30
23 – Sandymouth
26.5 – Bude FINISH/CUTOFF, must leave aid station by 19:00

16 MILE:

08:00 – registration
09:30 – bus transport leaves to the start
10:45 – start from Hartland Quay ‘Observation Deck Carpark’ (EX39 6DB)

If you take a bag on the bus transfer and wish for it to be taken back to the start/finish, we can arrange this. All bags left at owner's risk.

Aid Stations/Cutoffs:

4 – Welcombe Mouth
8.5 – Morwenstow
13 – Sandymouth CUTOFF, must leave aid station before 16:30
16.5 – Castle Bude Finish/CUTOFF 19:00

7.5 MILE:

10:00 – registration opens
11:15 – bus leaves
12:30 – start from Morwenstow (EX23 9SR)

There is no provision to return bags to the finish line as the coach will not be returning there.

Aid Stations/Cutoffs:

4.5 – Sandymouth CUTOFF, must leave aid station before 16:30
7.5 – Finish/CUTOFF 19:00 at Castle Bude



A well-earned medal will be waiting for all runners at the finish and will certainly be a welcome sight.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide any private changing facilities but you are welcome to leave a bag, left at owner's risk.

Polite notice: no wet or dirty running shoes to be worn inside the building please.

The first two male and female runners in each race will receive a bespoke trophy and a presentation will be arranged soon after. Age category winners will receive a discount voucher emailed once results are finalised.

Kit List


Capacity to carry 1 litre of water and collapsible cup or spare bottle
Waterproof jacket
Long-sleeve top
Mobile phone with stored numbers for Race Directors and Medical Director
Emergency food
‘Foil’ survival blanket
Trail shoes
2 working head torches, plus a spare set of batteries


Capacity to carry 1 litre of water and collapsible cup or spare bottle
Waterproof jacket
Mobile phone with stored numbers for Race Directors and Medical Director
Emergency food
‘Foil’ survival blanket
Trail shoes


Collapsible cup or bottle with 250ml minimum capacity
Mobile phone with stored numbers for Race Directors and Medical Director

A great place to watch runners is at Clovelly Harbour, watching the marathon runners start up the cobbled steps. At the top of the hill, the ultra runners will approach their aid station at mile 10.5. Due to limited access around this coast, Hartland Quay is a great location to see the 16 Mile start and for all the other runners coming through to their aid station. Other locations are Sandymouth, Welcombe Mouth and Morwenstow (diversion inland). Morwenstow has a lovely tearoom next door to the aid station.

Supporters should keep their dogs under close control at all times but must realise the route goes out onto narrow paths and cliff edges.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can no longer run the event, is there anything I can do?
If there is someone else that wishes to run in your place, substitution of an entrant is allowed until 8th June via the registration system found on event website.
Is there a service that can take my bags?
Yes, for all races but the 7 mile race, you can organise for the bus transfer on the day to take your bags back to the start/finish line.
I'm a little nervous that I will lose the trail, will the trail be well marked?
Yes, coloured markers will be set up all the way along the route. Especially after intersections, there will be signage posted to ensure that runners stay on the right track. South West Coast Path acorn symbols will also help guide you through the race. You should not have to look too far ahead to see the marked route.

Tsunami Ocean Trails weather forecast

Rain throughout the day.

Predicted highs
Predicted lows
IconHigh chance of rain
IconLight breeze possible, up to 8mph

Meet the organiser

Are you the organizer? Claim this page

pureTRAIL running events have been created by two experienced, passionate, South Devon based Trail and Ultra Distance runners, located on the southern fringes of Dartmoor. We believe that roads are for cars, not runners, so we keep road use to an absolute minimum in our attempt to create the ultimate Trail running experience. We believe that the events should be for runners, not organisers, so we spend our time meticulously planning the routes, and organising simple, pleasurable races over Southern Britain’s last wild place, Dartmoor. We aim to bring experienced and novice Trail runners into the natural Dartmoor environment by offering Trail races varying in distances of between 10 and 100 miles. From the short, sharp, explosive ‘Volcano Race’ of 10 ‘Moorish’ miles with nearly 1800ft of climb, to the Ultra Trail of Dartmoor.. the Dartmoor 100′, a circumnavigation of Dartmoor. The Ultimate test of endurance in Southern England.



Tsunami Ocean Trails reviews (19)

4.9 out of 5 stars

  • Course
  • Organisation
  • Atmosphere
  • B

    Ben H

    Did the Ultra Marathon in 2019

    I can't speak highly enough of the whole event. Mark and Steve were fantastic communicators prior to the race and the race itself showcased their skills still further - the stunning course, really brilliant volunteers (thank you!!!) and the midsummer timing made for a memorable run. The concept and variety of race distances were brilliant and the vibe that the organisers and volunteers created will live on! The weather was about as perfect as it gets and it looks like that is becoming the tradition for this highly recommended event. If you are looking for a challenging course and some of the most beautiful scenery I have come across in the UK then you MUST consider this race.
  • M

    Mel K

    Did the Marathon in 2019

    WOW! this was such a fantastic event! Absolutely stunning route...breathtaking viewsthe whole way. A tough marathon but worth every minute, I loved it! Support, organisation and feed stations were spot on, I now crave watermelon on every run! Fab event!
  • N

    Natasha Parrott

    Did the 16 Mile in 2019

    This was by far the most difficult race ever. I absolutely loved it. Stunning views, great atmosphere between All runners, medics were great and the food stations were a welcome break with a great choice. Loved it so much, I'm back to do the marathon next year. If you never do another race then do this one. Train with the respect this course deserves. You get a great tan as well as dirty legs!!
  • P

    Pete B

    Did the Ultra Marathon in 2019

    A great event, really well organised with great logistics! The course was incredibly picturesque but challenging with an ‘undulating’ second half.
  • A


    Did the 7.5 Mile in 2019

    I loved it , amazing scenery and good support & great atmosphere ! I would def recommend it to others and would do it again.
  • T

    Tim T

    Did the TSUNAMI 24 in 2019

    The first year of the Tsunami 24 and i think it was a great success!
    This was my first Ultra over 40 miles and first through the night too.
    I absolutely loved it from start to finish, we were treated to perfect weather conditions and the course was well marked, with incredible aid stations along the way. The volunteers who were out there all night were amazing and made it that much easier too.
    You get so much variation of terrain through the whole course from woodland to narrow coastal paths, fields and steep hillside climbs it has it all!
    To go from daylight to darkness and back and over the many many ups and downs, Tsunami 24 is my favourite ultra to date!
    See you next year!
  • M


    Did the Marathon in 2019

    Hard ”You need to be strong enought” course! I love it, as my wife love it too! What suppries; Hills are really steep!
  • J

    Jon H

    Did the Ultra Marathon in 2019

    I’m training for UTMB CCC and this was an excellent event with plenty of vert. Good course with clear markings and a brilliant finish in Bude, greeted with a happy smiley welcome. Would I do it again or recommend then 100% yes!
  • Did the Ultra Marathon in 2019

    The organisation was awesome and the event staff brilliant. Very tough course and they provided loads of encouragement and guidance along the way.
  • I

    Ian w

    Did the Ultra Marathon in 2019

    Absolutely brilliant event thats really well organised, cannot fault anything at all and many thanks to everyone involved, really good fun but bloody hard (someone told me it was brutal and I was nuts before hand and I laughed!)
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