Rugged Maniac – Southern Indiana

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Rugged Maniac – Southern Indiana
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25 Epic Obstacles and 1 Rockin' Party. 50% FESTIVAL + 50% MUD RUN = 100% AWESOME! Recognised world wide as just one of the most epic experience's you will ever have on an obstacle course. Take everything on, don't hold back and you will have the time of your life with your mates.
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Sat, Aug 31, 2019
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Paoli, United States
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Where and when
2798 W County Rd 25 S, Paoli, IN 47454, USA
Start times
Saturday, Aug 31, 2019
5k: 9:00 AM
Event summary
Here are the distances available for Rugged Maniac – Southern Indiana
Route information
We want to make playing outside with your friends a thing again, so we've taken the concept of recess and amped up the playground with massive water slides, flaming fire jumps, trampolines, mud pits, and more!
3.1 miles - Most people finish within 30 to 60 minutes
NEW! Pole Position – Pole Position is a teamwork obstacle that requires a good amount of upper body strength to complete solo. It’s like trying to pull yourself up and over the side of a swimming pool without a ladder. With Pole Position you’ll first have to pull yourself up and onto a 5′ tall platform. This is where the teamwork comes in. If you can’t make it up on your own, ask a fellow runner to give you a boost. Once you make it to the top of the platform the fun part begins. Ever wanted to slide down a firefighter’s pole? Now’s your chance! Reach out and grab the pole and slide on down to continue with the race!
NEW! Off The Rails – Off The Rails is our take on a zip line but with more of a challenge and a watery end. Zip lines are easy and go downhill. Off The Rails requires you to use momentum to slide uphill far enough to ring a bell at the far end. This will really test your running speed, grip strength, and coordination. Get a running start, grab the hanging rope, and try to make it over a pool of water all the way to the bell at the end. Slap the bell and fall into the water to complete this one.
NEW! Full Tilt – Full Tilt could be our most challenging obstacle to date! It’s a monkey bar crossing with a twist… or tilt. You’ll first have to work your way up an 8′ inclined ladder, which is pretty difficult by itself. But we’ve made it even more challenging by making the ladder pivot downward as you pass the mid-point. Although going downhill is easier, you’ll first have to survive the jolt of the ladder moving into place. Hold on tight and don’t start moving until the ladder is in place. Complete the second half by working your way down to the far side.
NEW! Sled Dog – Sled Dog is a total body challenge that’ll test your arms, shoulders, back, core, and legs! As you approach, you’ll see a rope on the ground connected to a 50lb sled about 30′ away. Grab it and pull the sled all the way to you, then jump over to the opposite side of it, grab the short rope on the back, and drag it all the way back to where it started. After completing Sled Dog, you’ll have a new appreciation for our four-legged friend in the Great White North!
The Crag – To conquer The Crag you have to climb steep inflatable cliffs and then squeeze your way through the logs on top before climbing down the other side. NO CLEATS ALLOWED!
Accelerator 3.0 – The Mount Maniac water slide just got a serious upgrade! The Accelerator you know and love just grew to almost double its old size and is now inflatable! Get ready for a serious splashdown!
Pull Your Weight – Pull your weight is exactly what you’ll have to do to complete this obstacle. Grab a rope and pull as hard as you can to lift the 30-pound keg to the top and continue on your way.
Jump Start – Jump Start is a new twist on a classic Rugged Maniac obstacle. We’ve removed the bottom rungs of Beam Me Up! so you now have to jump and use your arm strength to get to the top. This one might require some teamwork!
Fenced In – Fenced In forces you to get up close and personal with 30 feet of mud while trapped under a huge chain link fence!
Antigravity – We’ve built the only trampoline obstacle in the world! Defy gravity as you bounce your way to the padded cargo climbs using TWO rows of trampolines!
Frog Hop – Leap to each floating “lilypad” without falling in! The trick is to land near the center each time.
The Ringer – This obstacle will test your grip strength and hand-eye coordination. The trick is to swing like a monkey with each hand on a ring!
The Gauntlet – Avoid the swinging bags and make it to the other side without falling in! New for 2016, we’ve increased the difficulty by adding floating pads that move beneath you as you run!
Pyromaniac – Leap over rows of flaming logs! Be sure to build up sufficient speed before jumping!
The Warped Wall – A running start is essential to get to the top of this warped wall. Try to find a helping hand near the top!
Mount Maniac – On one side is The Warped Wall, on the other is the Accelerator, and in the middle is the Mount Maniac cargo climb between towers of shipping containers! You’re not afraid of heights, are you?
Let’s Cargo! – How quickly can you get over these cargo nets? Getting your footing is no easy task on these flexible rope braids.
Commando Crawl – Crawl through muddy water under real barbed wire. Stay low!
Claustrophobia – Conquer your fear of dark, close spaces when you go underground in these dirt tunnels.
Speed Trap – Beware the drop-offs hidden beneath this muddy water!
The Trenches – Mind the gap! Your best bet is to get a running start and leap at full speed.
Quad Burners – Dirt hills that will make you feel the burn! Watch out if it rains – they’ll turn into slippery slopes that require teamwork to conquer.
Jacob’s Ladder – Climb up and over these 12-foot wooden pyramids. Try to maintain your speed without losing your grip!
Head Scratcher – Crawl on your belly under barbed wire through a (relatively) dry mud pit. Stay low and keep your butt down!
Shoe Catcher – Thick mud that can suck the shoes right off your feet! Make sure you tie those laces tight!
Barricades – Vault over these 4-foot walls on your way to the finish line! New for 2016, we’ve added rolling pipes on the top to add another degree of difficulty!
What's included
  • Racer Medal
  • Free Photos
  • T-Shirt
  • One Free Beer
  • Awesome new obstacles
  • Water stations
How to get there
2798 W County Rd 25 S, Paoli, IN 47454, USA
Get full directionsExternalLink
Location - 2798 W County Rd 25 S, Paoli, IN 47454, USA
Parking: $15 Per Car (On Site)
Event day logistics
Race Start Time:
Waves of up to 350 participants will start at the following times.
Starts at 9:00am
Ends at 3:00pm
ID & Waiver:
If you’re 18 and over*, you need to bring a photo ID to verify your age, but you DO NOT need to bring a copy of your signed waiver. You’ll sign the waiver at the Check-In Tent before you run. If you’re under 18*, you need to bring a copy of the waiver located on the event page signed by your parent or legal guardian. If you forget it, your parent can still sign a waiver for you at the race.
Race Bib:
Each racer gets a race bib which must be worn on the front of his/her body (shirt or shorts). The bib serves three purposes: (1) It lets our security know that you’re a paid runner, (2) you can enter your bib number into the designated website after the race to find any pictures and download for FREE, and (3) items at the bag check are organized by bib number, so you must have it in order to retrieve your bags. We do not keep records of who gets which bib, so be sure to have your number in order to retrieve your bags at the bag check and find your photos.
Your final start time may vary by up to an hour from the ticket time - you exact time will be sent to you upon receipt of booking
The 5,000-person party starts at 8:30 a.m. with a DJ on the main stage, booths giving away free stuff, all kinds of interactive games (mechanical bulls, dance-offs, stein-hoisting, pie-eating…), and tasty food and beer to keep you fueled all day. The best part? The festival and games are completely FREE, no ticket required, so even your least adventurous friends can join the party!
Spectator Info
This is definitely a great spectator event with an amazing party atmosphere afterwards.
BEFORE THE RACE FAQsCan I add a parking pass to my registration?
Yes, for events with the option to pre-pay for parking, you can add on a parking pass to your registration until Tuesday at midnight before the event.
Can I change my start time before the day of the race?
Yes, but only if your desired start time isn’t already sold out. You can make changes by logging into your account. From there, go to your profile in the top right corner, and click “Manage Registration” then “Transfer Wave” at the top of the page. You’ll be asked to proceed through the registration process again; however you will not be re-charged for your order.
Can I transfer my registration someone else?
For US events, you can log into your account, go to your profile in the top right corner, click “Manage Registration,” then “Transfer to Another Runner.” From there, you’ll just need to fill out the new runner’s name and email address. They’ll then receive an email on how to complete the transfer. Once the transfer is complete, you’ll be notified, and no longer have access to the order.
How can I change my t-shirt size?
You can change your desired t-shirt size online through Wednesday before the event. If your shirt doesn't fit, we also allow you to select a different size at the event!How can I join a team after I’
ve signed up?
For US events, you can log in to your account, go to your profile, and click "Manage Registration" From there you'll see the option to view or update your team along the top menu bar. Simply click "Team" and make any desired changes.
How do I change my team name?
All team name changes must be made by a member of our staff. To change your name, email us using the form below with your name, current team name, and new team name. Be sure to select the appropriate event!
RACE DAY FAQsWhat happens if it rains?
The race will not be cancelled for rain! This is Rugged Maniac, not a tea party at the retirement home. If there's lightening, we'll delay waves until it passes. When the race resumes, wave will go off at 10-minute intervals until the race is back on schedule. If there's severe weather that prevents the event from being held at all on Saturday, it'll be moved to Sunday.
What do I need to bring to the race?
You must bring your ID and QR code (on your order confirmation) to check in. Without an ID, we cannot give you your free beer!We also recommend bringing a bag with a towel, change of clothes (including shoes or flip flops), sunscreen, water, a plastic bag to put your muddy clothes in, and a folding chair or blanket to sit on.Please note: Cleats are NOT allowed! If you show up wearing cleats, you will not be allowed onto the course, and you will not receive a refund.
Does everyone get a medal?
Everyone who finishes the race will receive a medal for their accomplishment of completing a Rugged Maniac!
Do I have to run at the start time I signed up for?
I have friends that I want to race with but their time is full.It is very important that all runners run at the time they've signed up for which they signed up. This not only is necessary to prevent backups at obstacles, but it is also very important for safety. If you would like to ensure your team is in the same start time, please email us with your event name, desired time, order number, and team name and we'll help get your team into one start time.
Will there be a pre-race packet pick-up?
No. All racers will check in at the race on the day of the event.
Can you skip Obstacles?
Assess each obstacle as you approach to determine whether your fitness level will allow you to safely complete it. Circumvent any obstacle that you feel is too difficult, but remember that doing so will disqualify you from winning the race if you’re in the 9 a.m. Elite Heat.
Where are the water stations?
There will be three water stations for participants, two on the course and one at the finish line. We’ll also have oranges and bananas at the finish to help you replenish some energy before hitting the festival! Bottled water will be available for sale for spectators, but you can also bring your own water. However, no outside alcoholic beverages or coolers are allowed into the venue.
Are dogs allowed?
You can bring your dog into the festival area (but not onto the course) as long as you keep it leashed at all times and clean up after it. However, if your dog barks incessantly, is aggressive or just plain doesn’t like crowds, please leave it at home. You’ll be personally liable for any bites or other injuries caused by your dog.AFTER THE RACE FAQsI lost something at the race.
How can I get it back?
All founds items will be brought back to our headquarters in Boston on Tuesday following the event, where we'll hold onto them for 30 days. Please email with a description of your lost item. Please note: Items lost in a mud pit are unlikely to be recovered.
Where can I find photos from the race?
Photos will be posted on our Facebook page, and sent out via email by Thursday afternoon after the race!
Where can I find the results?
Only the top 10 male and female finishers, as well as the top male and female over 50 in the elite heat are manually recorded.
OTHER FAQsWhat is the Rugged Maniac Mission?
Our mission is two-fold: To produce world-class events that get people off their couches and doing something physical, social, and fun with their weekends, while offering our charitable and corporate partners multi-channel access to active lifestyle enthusiasts through on-site interactions, digital engagement, and exceptional local media coverage.
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Results & Photos

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