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Midnight Man

200 participants · Sat 14th Aug 2021 · Dartford
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Half and full-distance triathlons starting in the evening. Get ready for an eventful night race!

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There will be a rest area that you can go to after the race. There will be soft drinks and some snacks.

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70.3 (Half Ironman)
Sat 14th Aug 2021

Swim 1.9km, Bike 90km, Run 21.1km

Sat 14th Aug 2021

Swim 3.8km, Bike 180km, Run 42km

Quarter Ironman
Sat 14th Aug 2021

Swim 0.95km, Bike 45km, Run 10.5km

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Route description
Route description

Swim You will need to be ready to get into the Lake at 5.40. You will be counted into the lake. This will take about 15 minutes so please enter when called forward. You will all have different coloured swim caps. This is so you will know who you are racing. The swim is 4 x 950m laps for the Full, 2 x 950m laps for the Half and one 950m lap for the quarter. There will be a lead boat and 9 other safety boats in the lake to keep an eye on everyone. Most of the swim will be close to the edge on the lake. If you get into difficulty move to the edge of the lake or roll on to your back and raise one arm and someone will come to you. Do not grab hold of the boat as you could endanger the water safety crew When you exit the water there will be 2 marshals to help you out of the water. There is a good chance that you will disorientated so please take care getting out of the Lake and going to the transition area as the grass will be wet and muddy. If you are taking part in the rely race your team mate should be standing by his bike ready for you to hand over your timing chip. If you have not looked at the course map there is a large one by registration for you to look at before the race starts. Bike The bike course is 20 laps Full, 10 laps half and 5 laps Quarter distance. Your race number should be on your back for the Bike and front for the run. They are all different colours this so you can see who you are racing. Whilst the event is entirely on closed roads, public will still be crossing the course so please be aware of this. Competitors are responsible for riding in a safe and responsible manner to ensure the safety of themselves, other competitors and the public. Any dangerous riding will result in a penalty or even disqualification. You may only mount your bike once you have crossed the “Mount” line which will be clearly marked and marshalled by technical officials. You must not ride your bike until you reach this point. Keep to the left hand side at all time’s apart from when you are over taking. After the first 200m you will come to the hub of the bike course. This were you turn left to go out on to Bob Dunn way. On your return you turn left to go down the fast track bus route. You come past this point again when you are heading back to finish your first lap. There are 4 dead turns on the course 3 are over 4 lanes but there is one that is a tight turn. Please slow down before you get the turn point. Please take great care as this junction is very busy. There will be 3 Marshals with Yellow flags to slow you down. There is a no overtaking zone. We narrow the road on the far side to allow room for bike to slow down at the feed station and the dismount line. This runs all along the road by Transition and the feed station. You will see a sign on both side when it starts and when it finishes. There will also be Red cones in the middle of the road. The feed station that you will cycle past 20 times is just by the swim exit. There will be water energy drinks, Jells and Bars. Please do not throw the empty packets out on the bike course. There will be bins just before the feed station. You can also throw them at a Marshal point. It takes me hours every year to clean up all the rubbish on the Bike and Run course. Upon completing the bike stage you must dismount your bike before the Dismount” line, which again will be marshalled by technical officials. If you are in the Relay race your team mate should be standing by your Bike number on the rack. Rack your bike then give him of her your timing chip. If you are taking part in the Aquabike afer you have racked your bike head to the run exit and there will be a small gap on the left for you to go through to get to the finish. Please don’t drop your rubbish out on the bike course. You can drop it off near the feed station. In the event of an emergency vehicle may need to go down Bob Dunn way. You will be stopped until it is safe to go. We will deduct the time you are held up. Each Lap is 9k. There is one feed station that you will pass on each lap. There will be High5 energy drinks, water, flat coke, bananas and jells. There will be sufficient for everyone but please don’t throw away half empty bottles as this may cause us to run out. Drafting This is a non-drafting event. Motorcycle marshals shall be monitoring drafting throughout the race. Penalties shall be issued for any infringements of these rules, you should be aware that officials are not required to notify you if a penalty has been awarded. It is the competitors’ responsibility to ensure they know the rules. All the bike bags will at the feed station if you need your bag ask and it will be given to you. They will all be taken back to registration after the race for you to pick up. We will have a pump at the feed station if you should need it and some tools. Run The run is 8 laps for 42.2k. 4 laps 21.1k and 2 laps 10.5 k. The run course will take you past the finish every time. The feed station is at the start of every lap. In the event of it being a hot night we will have a 2nd water station on the run course by the security Building. Please don’t drop your cups or jells out on the run course. There will be bins at the security building and 100m past the main feed station. Or give them to marshals that you see on the course.

How to get there

Caxtons Commercial Limited, 49-50 Windmill Strett, Dartford DA1 1BG, UK

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