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Vitality London 10K

Run 10km

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Head down to London for this flat and fast 10K taking in bucketloads of the city's best known attractions. This is a great event to kick off your summer racing schedule with, and if roaring crowds and finisher's goodies aren't enough for you, you'll even have a chance to see Sir Mo Farah in action.

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  • Course
  • Organisation
  • Atmosphere


Leigh B
"A very good day out. Impressive course and a good host site, which made it..."


Louise K
"To park was buzzing when I arrived with people all getting themselves ready for..."


Sarah H
"An incredibly fast course for PB seekers, lots of lovely things to see on the..."
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    Run 10km
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Event details

  • Road
  • Closed roads
  • Flat
  • Finisher’s medal
  • Finisher’s t-shirt

From the organizer

Organizer's website

One of the UK's most popular 10Ks, and for good reason. Well suited to first timers through to seasoned experts. Participants can expect a tour of the city through closed roads, spurred on by the buzzing atmosphere provided by thousands of spectators.

Vitality London 10K route

Course Maps
What’s Included

On finishing, all runners will get a a goody bag, complete with medal and T-Shirt.

Course Details

The race Starts on the Mall and will finish right in front of Buckingham Palace. Participants can expect a course going past the cities of Westminster and London, taking in iconic sights not limited to St Paul's, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey.

Your 5K split will be recorded. there are two water stations and 4 medical stations along the route.

Raceday Logistics

Assembly area

There will be a secure runners-only area in the assembly area of Green Park where you will be able to leave your belongings. These should be put inside your kitbag with the baggage label (showing your running number) attached. Pull the drawstring and tie it to prevent items falling out. Find the marquee with the number range that includes your running number and hand in your bag to one of the volunteers. We will only accept the kitbag with the label attached; other bags won’t be accepted.

You will not be able to retrieve your belongings until after the race, so make sure you have everything you need with you before handing in your bag. If the weather is cool we suggest you wear old clothing or a bin liner to stay warm before the race starts.

The assembly area will have toilet facilities and Buxton Natural Mineral Water available to runners. Our team at the information point will be able to help with any questions and there is also a First Aid point. Listen to the PA, which will give important information on when you should assemble for the start. Our marshals in this area will also be on hand to assist you.

Kit List

Your running number

Pin your number to the front of your T-shirt or running vest using the safety pins provided in your pack. Your running number has a coloured background with a zone letter. This indicates your zone at the start. Spare pins will be available at the information point in Green Park on the day.

You must not use someone else’s number, nor let someone else use yours. Imagine the anxiety caused to either set of relatives and friends in the event of misidentification should there be a medical emergency.

IPICO Sports Tag timing device

Your tag is enclosed with your Final Instructions magazine. It must be fixed to your running shoes using the provided wire twist ties. If you need additional instructions, or wire twist ties to fix the IPICO Sports Tag, these can be collected from our information point in Green Park on Race Day.

The tag contains a passive transponder and this will be used to provide your finishing time. If you do not wear your tag then the system will not record you finishing and therefore we will not be able to provide you with a finishing time. Official results will be based on the elapsed time taken by each runner between crossing the mats at the Start Line and the Finish Line. When you cross the Finish Line, we have teams of helpers to remove the tag from your shoe – you do not need to do anything apart from follow the marshals’ instructions. Please do not fix the tag through your shoelaces; if you do we will have to cut your laces to get the tag back!


The course is perfectly suited to spectators. A particularly good spot to watch the action can be found at the Strand, where you'll have two opportunities to glimpse competitors.

After the race, the best place to meet back up with competitors is at Green Park. Alphabetical Signage will be on show to differentiate each assembly area , so predetermine a letter to meet at beforehand to make things easy!


Over 600 marshal are required at the race, helping out with marshalling, water stations, medal awarding and more. To find out more or to sign up for a role, please visit The course is perfectly suited to spectators. A particularly good spot to watch the action can be found at the Strand, where you'll have two opportunities to glimpse competitors.

After the race, the best place to meet back up with competitors is at Green Park. Alphabetical Signage will be on show to differentiate each assembly area , so predetermine a letter to meet at beforehand.


First aid

There are three First Aid points on the route – at 3km, 5km and 9km. There is also a full medical team at the finish.

Prize Money British Athletics Team (3 to score)

Team results and prize money will be based on the results of runners who are eligible to represent Great Britain and who have adhered to British Athletics rules regarding club vests.Individual prize money is only available to runners who are eligible to represent Great Britain in international competition.

This position has been agreed by the London Marathon and British Athletics to enhance the development of UK runners.

Before leaving home

Make sure you have the following: running number and safety pins, IPICO Sports Tag and wire twist ties to fix it to your shoe (better still, attach it to your shoe before you leave home for the race), your kitbag and baggage label with running number printed on, and your Final Instructions magazine!

If you lose any of these items before the day they can be replaced – you should come to the information point as soon as you arrive. There is a £10 charge to replace a lost IPICO Sports Tag, which will be payable on the day by cash, cheque or credit card before a new tag is issued.

Deciding not to run

Please remember that it is very foolish to run in the event if you have had any sort of virus or fever in the last four weeks. It is equally foolish to run with an injury – in these circumstances, please DO NOT RUN.

If you decide not to run for any reason, you must return your IPICO Sports Tag. Please use the special freepost envelope enclosed with this pack. It is a condition of the event that all tags that are not returned within 21 days of the event are subject to a £10 lost-tag charge.

Pollen warning

The Royal Parks have warned us that there is a particularly high pollen count from the plane trees in Green Park this year. Please plan ahead if you think this may affect you.

Slow runners

We are only able to keep the road closures in place for a limited amount of time. In order for the roads to be cleared ready for reopening, any participants still on the route after 11:30 will be directed onto the pavement to complete the race. Please follow the instructions of marshals. Our Finish Line will still be in place and able to give you an official finish time until 12:30.


Searchable results for the Vitality London 10,000 are available on our Race Results page.

General Questions:

  • Q. What time does the race start?
    A. The start time for the 2018 Vitality London 10,000 will be available in due course. Runners are advised to arrive at least an hour before the race start time in order to get their bearings, find the baggage tents, locate the toilets and find out any last-minute details about the course.
  • Q. When will I receive my race pack?
    A. Race packs will be sent via Royal Mail post two weeks prior to Race Day.
  • Q. What will be included in my race pack?
    A. Your race pack will include your running number, IPICO Sports tag, Final Instructions booklet, baggage bag, safety pins and wire twist ties.
  • Q. What happens if I do not receive my pack in the post before Race Day?
    A. If you have not received your race pack in the post two weeks prior to Race Day please contact the helpdesk, who will be able to issue you with a new pack, on 020 7902 0200. If you are unable to contact the helpdesk more than a week before the race, we will not be able to post a new pack to you. In this instance you will need to collect a race pack on the morning of the race from the Information Tent in Green Park.
  • Q. What time do I need to get to the start area?
    A. Please aim to arrive no less than 30 minutes before your start time.
  • Q. What are the nearest stations to the start?
    A. The assembly area for the Vitality London 10,000 is in Green Park. The nearest Tube stations are Green Park and Hyde Park Corner. Piccadilly Circus, St James’s Park, Charing Cross and Victoria are also within walking distance.
  • Q. Where can I park near the start/finish area?
    A. We do not recommend driving as parking in the area will be difficult. Public transport is the best option, but do check for any possible weekend engineering works before you travel at
  • Q. How will I find my start wave?
    A. Confirmation of your start wave will be included in your race pack, which will be sent out two weeks prior to Race Day.
  • Q. Are there drinks available on the course, and where?
    A. Buxton Natural Mineral Water will be available to runners at the 3km and 6km marks of the race. Buxton Natural Mineral Water will also be available in the assembly area in Green Park.
  • Q. Are there toilets along the course, and where?
    A. There are no toilets along the course. However, there will be toilets available to runners in the assembly area in Green Park. Please make use of these before making your way to the Start Line.
  • Q. Where is the finish area?
    A. The race starts and finishes in St James’s Park.
  • Q. How can I meet up with friends/relatives after the race?
    A. You will be directed back to the assembly area in Green Park by the finish area marshals. Please arrange to meet your friends and/or relatives at a pre-designated point in this area after the race.

Vitality London 10K reviews (4)

4.5 out of 5 stars

  • Course
  • Organisation
  • Atmosphere
  • Did the 10k in 2019

    I love this race so much! It's one of my favourite races in the year. I got a place via the parkrun entries but would happily pay the £35 as I think this is a good price for the race. The atmosphere is always really good. The start pens were a bit crowded this year but I think there were a lot more people taking part. The course is excellent and not too crowded once you get past the first mile. There are a few ups and downs but no major hills and the start and finish are in scenic, iconic places. I managed to PB this year which was great. I didn't leave anything in bag drop this year but from what I saw it was pretty crowded and definitely not as straight forward as previous years. I had someone pacing me and wasn't sure if they would make it through bag drop in time. The queue at the end of the race moved quickly and getting your goody bag wasn't too bad. The queue to have your shoe tag removed also moved quickly. Overall, I thought the event was brilliant and I'll definitely be entering again for many years to come!
  • Did the 10k in 2019

    An incredibly fast course for PB seekers, lots of lovely things to see on the route and great support from all of the volunteers.

    Good organisation from the get go, as lond as people stuck to their allotted times it was smooth running. The only downside is those that were at the back didn't get a goody bag, and even if they were lucky enough to get a goody bag they had extremely limited choice in sizes (due to people not taking the sizes they originally asked for), the same with the medals as some missed out on their hard earned medal.

    As a whole I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to challenging myself for next year 🙂

  • Did the 10k in 2019

    To park was buzzing when I arrived with people all getting themselves ready for their run. The weather was quite warm and sunny, people were queuing to join the run in a colour coded order, only saw 2 water stations which would normally be fine but it was rather warm today they did have at one point a shower on the side you can run through. I enjoyed the race very much today
  • Did the 10k in 2018

    A very good day out. Impressive course and a good host site, which made it possible for families to come and specatate

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