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Hilary W
"An unmissable 4 lap route through Roche Abbey and surrounding estate. The..."
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Distances in this event

  1. Ultra-Marathon

    Run 32mi
    Event passed
    • Ultra-Marathon Unaffiliated 18+

    • Ultra-Marathon Affiliated 18+

  2. Marathon

    Run 42.195km
    Event passed
    • Marathon Unaffiliated 18+

    • Marathon Affiliated 18+

  3. 20 Miles

    Run 20mi
    Event passed
    • 20 miles Unaffiliated 18+

    • 20 miles Affiliated 18+

  4. Half Marathon

    Run 21km
    Event passed
    • Half Marathon Unaffiliated

    • Half Marathon Affiliated

  5. 10k

    Run 10km
    Event passed
    • 10k Unaffiliated

    • 10k Affiliated


From the organizer

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Roche Abbey is definitely a hidden gem, its not very well known, and nevertheless its very beautiful. Roche Abbey is nestled away in South Yorkshire near the picturesque village of Maltby. The races will start and finish within the grounds of the glorious Roche Abbey and will encompass trail and track running through Lord Scarboroughs land, which originally formed part of Sherwood Forest.

Roche Abbey was founded in the 12th century by Cistercian monks; it was once home to 50 monks and 20 lay brothers. It is beautifully set in a valley landscaped by Capability Brown. The ruins of Roche Abbey are now the centre piece of the beautifully designed landscape.

Apparently Roche Abbey is a paranormal hotspot with lots of scary activity. The Abbey house which is only 240 years old, which now houses the Abbey shop as many tales surrounding it. One tale is of a Lady in Grey who can be seen looking out of the upstairs window where the sound of a wailing child can also be heard. Towards the end of the Abbey there lies a small stone coffin and it is said if one stares at it long enough, a face will appear.. Yikes!

So come running with us for miles with smiles and enjoy the hidden away treasures in this lesser known part of the world.

Roche Abbey Trail Running Festival reviews

5 out of 5 stars

  • Course
  • Organisation
  • Atmosphere
  • Did the Marathon in 2019

    An unmissable 4 lap route through Roche Abbey and surrounding estate. The constantly changing beautiful scenery and wild life habitats; amazing number of wild flowers including orchids and the frequent refuelling points kept me going well. Don't miss it.

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