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What you need to know about Obstacle Races

Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) involves a competitor travelling on foot overcoming various physical challenges or obstacles. The most common form of these are a combination of mud and trail runs, and the big players in the space are Tough Mudder, Spartan Race & Born Survivor.

Different obstacle event types

The obstacles used are often similar to those used in military training and tend to include climbing over walls, carrying heavy objects, traversing bodies of water, crawling under barbed wire and jumping through fire. They’re epic when done with friends, and these events are big on the social side so get a team together, get the war paint on and get ready for big celebrations and post-race beers.

Find the right obstacle race for you

These obstacle races are happening all over the world, with varying style and difficulty, so it’s time to jump on that bandwagon! Here are some of our most popular events, if you haven’t done one before, you absolutely must.

Trending Obstacle Races

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Epic mud- and fun-filled obstacles are strategically placed throughout a 5K run/walk course, followed by our signature post-race FOAM FEST showers courtesy of Dr. Bronners Magic Foam Experience! Are you ready for this?

Want an idea of what youre getting yourself into?? Here you go! The Del Mar Mud Run is for fun-lovers of ALL athletic abilities, ages 13 and up! Dont worry you are more than welcome to walk this epic obstacle course if youre not the running type. P.S. Costumes encouraged! See you in the mud!

Del Mar Mud Run

Del Mar, California, US
Official Partner

Were coming back to Tuxedo Ridge for a 7th year and we couldnt be more excited.

You dont want to miss this 3+ mile Sprint course that features constant waves of inclines and declines, technical terrain and 20+ Spartan obstacles that will test both your mental and physical stamina.

Spartan Race – Tri-State New York Sprint Weekend

Tuxedo Park, New York, US
2 races
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Spartan's military roots run deep. This August, we salute our history with a groundbreaking Spartan event at West Point USMA, an unbreakable cornerstone of American military history. Here, grit is the rule, not the exception, so we kindly ask that you either leave your fears at home or face them on the course.

The Sprint may be our shortest distance race, but its still a favorite amongst both new and returning racers. Its the perfect distance for those looking to start their Spartan journey. The Sprint also allows returning racers a manageable distance to see how far they can push themselves. Delivering 20-23 obstacles over 3+ miles, youll never run the same race twice. Once you complete the sprint you are 1/3 on your Spartan TRIFECTA: The ultimate Spartan achievement.

Spartan Race – West Point New York Sprint

Woodbury, New York, US
1 race

Same Epic Venue, Brand New Course

SoCal. So epic. So close. Ok, ok. Not that close. But closer than you think. Tough Mudder SoCal 2018 is coming in hot and headed back to Lake Elsinore Diamond in 2018 for another run at a rocky, lakeside course Mudders are sure to go epic over. How do we know? Well, because weve been making moves and pushing Mudders to their very best for the past two seasons at Lake Elsinore, and we couldn't be more hype to head back for 2018.

This season, Tough Mudder SoCals going to be crammed full of all the unbelieve insanity youve come to expect from our outsized events; gargantuan obstacles, shoe-sucking mud, and a course full of strangers soon to become your newest tough teammates and fellow members of The Tough Mudder Tribe.

Tough Mudder – Socal

Lake Elsinore, California, US
7 races
Official Partner

San Jose Super And Sprint Weekend are going to be held at the Diablo Grande, CA on Mar 24-25, 2018.
Obstacle course, Two distance 10-miles, and 5-miles.

Spartan Race – San Jose Super And Sprint Weekend

Patterson, California, US
2 races

Same Epic Venue, Brand New Course
Fear the farm, Mudder. Tough Mudder Central Texas is headed back to McMahan Ranch in 2018, and that means its time to train - this aint McMahans first rodeo, after all. This versatile venues been playing home to mud and tough for three seasons already, so theyre well-versed in the kind of pulse-pounding party youve come to love. But that doesnt mean TMHQs mad minds will be resting on their laurels. So ditch the cowboy boots and lace up those trail shoes - its gonna be wet, its gonna be wild, and its gonna be tough.

10 Miles, 20+ Obstacles
As daunting as the course at McMahan Ranch can be, theres plenty of fun to be found out in the mud too. So collect your crew and get into the swing of things at Tough Mudder Central Texas in 2018.
Same Epic Venue, Brand New Course
About 50 minutes outside of Austin, Tough Mudder Half Central Texas is making its 2018 home at McMahan Ranch. Can a course get any tougher than this? Seriously, dont let the farmland fool you - McMahan Ranch has all the mud, tough, and fun youd want out of a weekend spent outside your comfort zone. Crew up and get ready for a new kind of do-si-do - one that doesnt require boots, spurs, or a ten-gallon hat, but thatll leave you breathless and smiling ear-to-ear just the same.

5 miles, 13 obstacles
Aint no party like a Tough Mudder Half party cuz a Tough Mudder Half party dont stop. Crush the mud with your crew then get down with some post-race beers at Tough Mudder Half Central Texas.

Tough Mudder – Central Texas

Smithville, Texas, US
6 races

Awesome New Venue, Exciting New Course
This season, were taking tough to Phoenix International Raceway, where the mud will be deep, and the obstacles will be plentiful. Heat, hills, and the toughest 10 miles on the planet, Tough Mudder Arizona is going to be one tough run at the track. Just make sure you keep those laces tight - the sand at Phoenix International Raceway has a penchant for burning up energy and landing Mudders in mid-run limbo.

10 Miles, 20+ Obstacles
All that mud and tough might be your reason for coming out, but the epic experiences you find on course will have you coming back, again and again. So go big in 2017.

Awesome New Venue, Exciting New Course
The party starts here. Tough Mudder Half Arizona has got a new place to call home, and theres no doubt that Phoenix International Raceway has all the grin-inducing goodies any Mudder worth their salt would want to see. Sand, mud, and obstacles galore - this is five-miles of fun youll never forget. So get ready to start your engines, ladies and gentle mudders, because theres no better place to find your best in 2017 than Phoenix International Raceway and Tough Mudder Half Arizona.

5 miles, 13 obstacles
All that tough can only mean one thing - your best weekend of 2017, waiting out on the course at Tough Mudder Half Arizona.

Tough Mudder – Arizona

Tolleson, Arizona, US
6 races

Tough Mudder X Open Sacramento might call Gibson Ranch home, but make no mistake about it - this pulse-pounding race isnt made for Mudders looking to take a nice trot around the horse pen. With a combination of Obstacles, Workout Zones, and one absolutely insane mile of epic, they dont call it The Toughest Mile on the Planet for nothin. This breakneck course will take any wild stallion and turn it into an unstoppable mudding machine. Tough Mudder X Open Sacramento is made to beat up fit, slow down fast, and push tough to its limits - so what chance do you think you stand?

You wouldnt be a Mudder if you werent up to the challenge though. So lace up to let loose at Tough Mudder X Open Sacramento at Gibson Ranch County Park. This course boasts plenty of trails and plenty of land, but all that means is more opportunity for the mad minds at TMHQ to push you to your best, and beyond.

Tough Mudder X Open – Sacramento

Elverta, California, US
1 race

New Venue, New Course
With sunshine, shoreline, and weather so nice, - Tough Mudder Miami sounds like a pleasant stroll in the mud, huh? Think again. Its our first time crushin the course at Amelia Earhart Park, but you can bet your luckiest pair of trail shoes it wont be a breeze. Really, with all that sand and surf comes ample opportunity for the mad minds at TMHQ to cook up something truly Legionnaire-worthy. And thats exactly what youll find at Tough Mudder Miami - its long, its strong, and its down to push you to your best, and beyond.

10 Miles, 20+ Obstacles
But its not just your personal best waiting for you out on the course at Tough Mudder Miami - you and your crew will find the best weekend of 2018 rolling around in all that mud and sun.


New Venue, New Course
*Gameshow voice* Get ready to take flight and wing your way to beautiful Tough Mudder Half Miami where were opening up shop at Amelia Earhart Park for a mud run the likes of which youve never seen before, and where every mudders a winner. Weve got obstacles made to test your teamwork, a course built to push you and your crew to your very best, and all the sun and fun you could ever want (while crushing 5 miles worth of mud). Its a one-of-a-kind adrenaline-pumping getaway thatll leave you grinning from ear to ear, so gather up the group and hit the course - the mud is nice and warm.

5 miles, 13 obstacles
Dont get it twisted though - this aint no game. Tough Mudder Half Miamis got all the laughs, leaps, and thigh-burning fun you and your team could ever ask for. So lace up tight.

Tough Mudder – Miami

Hialeah, Florida, US
3 races

What better way to break in a brand new Tough Mudder destination than to push tough to its limits and crush (or try to crush) the Toughest Mile on the Planet? With combination of Obstacles and Workout Zones, Tough Mudder X Open Miami isnt just another event - its the ultimate race to determine the fittest, the fastest, and the toughest Mudders in the world. You wont just find your best - youll leave it sucking wind in your wake. Tough Mudder X Open Miami is going to be a balls to the wall, pedal to the floor, breakneck dash to the beach, stocked with all the mud and tough you can handle.

So make sure those laces are tight - Amelia Earhart Park might be picturesque, but its the only place tough enough to host Tough Mudder X Open Miami. Palm trees and water wont look so calming when youre racing past them like your hairs on fire.

Tough Mudder X Open – Miami

Hialeah, Florida, US
1 race

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